Parkour Simulator 3D
There is no need anymore to look for a subway every time you can run across the road! There is no need to walk down the stairs every time you can jump down! It’s not necessary to gasp walking on the pavement every time you can fly from one building to another! Would you like to work miracles in realistic conditions? Try out this amazing Parkour Simulator 3D with spectacular jumps and sceneries!

Run and do amazing stunts with renovated Parkour Simulator 3D! More obstacles, more amazing stunts to perform, and more thrill guaranteed!

How to play Parkour Simulator 3D:
- sidestep left/right to avoid obstacles
- jump over/slide under obstacles that can't be avoided
- high jump to climb
- long jump to jump over a gap.

Parkour Simulator 3D  features:
- an amazing parkour runner with simple controls,
- with realistic parkour stunts,
- smooth animations,
- endless thrill from extreme street running!